Virgo Sept 3- Sept 9

You are heading in a new direction and that requires you leaving people, places, or things behind. Some of you may be too consumed with the outcome of a situation that it’s time for you to let it go and realize that if it’s meant to be then it will come back. But you have to stop running your life based on this person’s decision. You may even be traveling this week to a distant place that you have never been before and some of you may be meeting new love while you are traveling. You are rushing and you may even be rushing to move on from a situation that didn’t turn out the way you would have hoped. An air sign person may be telling you how they feel about you this week or you may be telling them. But someone is running away from a situation and avoiding telling the truth. Be careful of people making excuses on why they can’t communicate with you or why they can’t give you anything else but sex. Some of you may be using sex as a way to keep someone around who you still care for, but you aren’t really saying how you feel towards this person. Regardless of what you do or say this person is going to do what they feel is best for themselves. No sense in using sex to keep them around. You want to be married to this person but someone’s past may be in the way or it’s time for you guys to be apart from one another for now to figure out if this truly is where you want to be. You will still keep the communication open between you and this person because you don’t want them to forget about you. But a big part of you this week will be feeling alone. You are trying to process through the decision you have or that someone else has made. And you can’t help but to replay the situation over again in your head. If you are feeling down or just feeling as if you want to hide away this week, don’t be too alarmed. You are starting your spiritual awakening and this is part of the journey. Who’s to say that once this is over, you want this person back again? Because in the end you could decide to move on for good.

Faith WrightComment