Virgo Sept 10-16

Where do you begin? Well you aren’t sure but you know you can’t stay stagnant any longer. You are tired of being rejected and you are tired of being abandoned and you are getting to your wits end. You may even still be holding out hope in an on/off situation that it will get better with time. You aren’t completely ready to throw in the towel yet, but most days you wonder why do you even bother with hanging on? You are working on moving forward and some of you may even be working on moving to a new place within the next 2 months. Walking away is hard and even though you didn’t want to do this, you knew in the end you had too. But now as time goes on, you are starting to wonder if you made the right choice. You are starting to feel that it was a no and that you shouldn’t have made an impulsive decision before thinking it through. And you still are thinking and feeling let down about what happened between you and someone who you walked away from 8 weeks or 8 days ago. For now you will decide to focus on your career and work life and withdraw from your personal life. A part of you may even feel uninterested in new love because the one you want to be with seems to be ignoring you. There’s no point in trying to get them to notice you because right now they aren’t paying attention. Some of you may even try to come up with some type of excuse as to why you may need their help. Don’t waste your time because they can see right through this. It may not seem that you will have this happy ending with this person, but that’s not true. Someone will finally realize what’s in front of them within the month of october. An apology is coming and someone will be wanting to have a second chance again. You may even be wondering if they are going to feel the same way about you again and they will. All is not lost.

Faith WrightComment