Scorpio Sept 3- Sept 9

Surround yourself with positive people this week because it will be good for your vibration. Some of you may still be pondering over a situation or a person that’s no longer in your life, but you have to trust in the unknown that the outcome is what’s meant to be. See this situation from both sides to get a better understanding of why you are where you are. You will feel stuck in between two lovers or you are trying to make a decision when it comes to your current love situation. An earth sign person will be apologizing to you this week or you will be apologizing to them. This could be someone that you have kids with and you may be trying to make things right. The truth is coming out this week when it comes to a love situation and the truth is that someone could be hanging on because it’s what’s comfortable instead of it being what they truly want. You may feel a bit alone once you hit the end of the week because this truth is still replaying in your mind. The truth may not be what you think but nobody is trying to clear the air. And because of this you will be cold towards this person or they will be cold towards you. On the flip side, some of you could be hearing news about a new promotion or a new position that will be opening up in the month of october. A boss or fire sign person is retiring and you are up for this new position. There may be an older fire sign energy around you as well that is attracted to you, but you aren’t really noticing due to the truth coming out at the beginning of the week. Even though you will put your walls up as if this doesn’t hurt you, deep down it does. Things were going good and then here goes another bump in the road and it seems this time that either you or the other person just doesn’t want to hear the excuses. Someone will be too prideful to admit their mistakes and just own it and in the end it could cost you or it will cost them losing someone important. And no they don’t want to talk about it anymore. Seems this time around that someone really hurt the other person and they aren’t looking back anymore.

Faith WrightComment