Scorpio Sept 10-16

Taking a leap of faith and not looking back, maybe? You are leaving a part of your past behind and this could be a person or it may even be a place. And even though you are ready to do this a part of you is unsure if this is the right decision to make. One minute you are sure and then the next minute you are wondering if this will come back to bite you in the ass. You may still be holding on to old anger and resentment because of a fight you had with someone within the last week. But see outside your on anger. You are still trying to make a decision or figure out what makes you happy. Maybe you had what made you happy all along or maybe you didn’t. You may even be looking for new places to stay this week and if you are dealing with a fire sign or water sign then feelings may come to the surface by the 12th or 14th. Someone is being wooed back in for a second chance to make things right. Is this what you want or are you still stuck at a crossroads. Deep down you know what you want now but are you guys able to but the past behind you and start over again. The issue here is that you both are still feeling let down about what happened between you guys. There may have been a betrayal due to someone’s indecisiveness or a lack of getting to a more stable place. How long are you going to hang on to what happened? If it’s too difficult to move past this then why hang on to the idea that you could fix this in the future. You are worried about going back because what if things haven’t changed, but you know exactly who this person is. So at this point you either want to stick it out or you want to move on to someone else. But the energy is there that someone wants to work this out and wants to stop running. But also you or the other person needs to stop running to material needs to resolve your issues. Work isn’t that important where you have to neglect your relationship. And be mindful of someone trying to bribe their way back into your life. The gesture is sweet but you are going to need them to be about the change instead of just talking about it.

Faith WrightComment