Sagittarius Sept 3- Sept 9

Are your emotions valid or are you just thinking to irrationally in a situation to see it from both sides. Don’t be afraid to say how you feel if you feel someone isn’t taking your emotions seriously. Think first before you react. It’s okay to have fears and it’s okay to also get down to the bottom of those fears so you can move forward. Are you wanting to stay in a situation because your ego says so or is it time for you to fix things up so you can move forward with a clean break? Just know that anger isn’t the answer here and you have to think rationally about this situation. What’s best for everyone involved? You have a lot on your mind and you just don’t know what to do. You are trying to come to a logical decision but it’s hard when your emotions are involved as well. You may even be thinking about returning back to someone who you broke up with but likely you aren’t seeing the situation clearly. Changes are in the air and most of the changes have to do with you. You are growing and changing within yourself and sometimes that means that certain people or things can’t go with you on this new path. Allow the changes to happen and allow things to go with the flow. Some of you may even be trying to build things up with a friend who you feel is your soulmate. You have a lot of feelings for this water sign or leo person but you or them may feel that it’s too late now to try and offer a cup. Let things happen naturally and things could turn out differently in the next 4 weeks or by the month of October. If you are on a break from someone then you could be seeing this situation with new eyes and you could be interested in having a conversation about what went wrong and you may try to fix things up this week. It’s not time for that yet. This is a week for you to focus on the changes that you need to make within yourself. Don’t worry so much about a relationship or love because it will come when it’s ready.

Faith WrightComment