Sagittarius Sept 10-16

Your feelings are real and they are worth exploring if you would just tell someone how you feel. You are hiding from someone or just hiding how you really feel about them. You are trying to separate your feelings between what’s real and what’s fake. At times you may even feel that this person could be lying about how they really feel. And even though you have all these reservations, you still want to explore this situation more. Some of you may even be wondering if someone finds you attractive. News will be coming in to you by way of an earth sign person who you may have history with but it seems that you just aren’t interested in this person. They feel like more of a burden to you than anything else and you are ready to let go. Some of you may even feel that this person has caused issues with you moving on with someone else. But the buck stops here and you are ready to put this person in their place to let them know that this situation will never be. They aren’t going to like this one bit, so be prepared for a fight or argument or them possibly plotting against you. This person’s true colors will be coming out once you let them know that it’s time to put this situation to rest for good. Try to control your temper with them and just because they are angry and upset, you don’t have to give them that same energy back. Also be careful of unplanned pregnancies or someone may be lying about being pregnant to keep someone around. If you are pregnant, keep a cool head about yourself this week because you don’t want your anger to cause medical issues. You are also wanting to hear back from someone from your past who you still have feelings for who is a fire or water sign person. You want to try again with this person, as long as you both can let go of what happened between the two of you. In the end you will be able too and you guys will be able to move forward once you put everything out on the table.

Faith WrightComment