Pisces Sept 3- Sept 9

This new terrain that you are entering just brings out your fears even more. Some of you could be afraid of the unknown or you even may be afraid of what someone will say. There is an energy around you of a person who may be bringing out the worst in you instead of the best. Be honest with yourself about this connection and know that now it’s time for you to choose your direction. You’re not wrong no matter what direction you choose but each direction gives you a different result. Be firm on your decision and don’t look back. No need to let out your anger or aggression on this person because it won’t do you any good in this situation. You knew something wasn’t right and this week your intuition will be confirming that. You will still miss this person and you will miss their touch, but likely your ego is keeping you stuck. You don’t know if the decision you are making is the right one or not because there is so much confusion in the air. But someone’s ego or pride became the issue in this situation. Too proud to accept responsibility for their own actions. But you have to let this person hang themselves. The truth hurts but this has to happen so you can finally close the door that you’ve been keeping open for the last 5 days, 5 weeks, 5 months or even 5 years. Someone has been exploring their options even though they have been telling you something different. Don’t react pisces. Remember that karma can do more damage than you can ever do. Yes you will keep replaying this over and over in your mind and yes someone will have regrets, but it’s time to accept the answer you’ve been avoiding. Stop waiting, stop wishing and stop praying that this will work out because they are more worried about themselves than they are your relationship. if you are with someone then prepare yourself for a breakup by the end of this week. Time to move on and move away

Faith Wright1 Comment