Libra Sept 3- Sept 9

You are learning a lot about yourself and also learning a lot of lessons on how sometimes things don’t work. it’s okay to sit in the space of not knowing where to go from here or sitting in a space where you are allowing yourself to feel through your emotions. It’s not a bad thing and now you are realizing that your space is sacred and you aren’t going to let another person who doesn’t appreciate it into your life. Take this is as learning moment and don’t let your emotions overtake you. if you get through this, the universe will reward you in more ways than one. You are more closer towards your goals and you are more closer towards finding out what truly makes you happy. Some of you may be visiting new areas for you to move too and some of you may even be thinking about moving closer towards water. If you have water in your chart, this will be a very healing place for you to be. You are realizing that it’s going to take hard work and determination to get to where you want to be. You can get there as long as you keep working hard at whatever you’re working on. Some of you will be finding comfort in your family this week and you will be glad you did. Try to put all the problems you are dealing with behind you for now and just focus on being in the moment. The happy ending and the happy family that you are wishing for is on its way to you and some of you may know this person. They could be a family friend or you will meet this person through your family. Close any doors that are left open. Yes you may have some regrets and feel that you should have did things differently in your past and maybe you wouldn’t be here. But it was all apart of the journey. Some of you may feel that you have lost someone important to you, but you never lose someone who is really meant to be in your life. If you are dealing with a water sign person there may not be much communication there this week because it’s the same old argument over and over again. Keep moving forward and get stronger along the way.

Faith WrightComment