Leo Sept 3- Sept 9

Just because something is broken doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing. Enjoy this week of peace and don’t focus too much on the broken parts. You can always tend to those later. Some of you may be experiencing a breakdown in communication this week. Seems that everyone isn’t on the same page. And one person wants this while the other person wants that. Some of you need to learn how to embrace the changes that are happening and realize that you don’t have to fight anymore or you don’t have to struggle anymore in this situation. The way things are, is the way things are meant to be. Doesn’t mean they have to stay this way for forever, but now you need to accept things for what they are. This seems to be more of a power struggle situation where everyone wants to be the head and nobody wants to function as the neck. Be careful of someone promising you something this week that they will have a hard time delivering on. There also will be someone from your past who comes rushing back in to apologize for what they did to you or for what they said. Likely it’s for what they said when they were angry. Have patience with yourself this week that you aren’t going to have the answers all the time and you aren’t always going to have everything figured out. Don’t try to rush things. This could be why you guys aren’t on the same page. Someone wants to move the situation a long faster than what it needs to be, so you guys need to communicate about this. You still believe in your heart that this person loves you but what’s the point of love without the stability. And in the end one of you guys will decide to let the other person go because you feel it’s the right thing since you both want two different things. It will hurt but it doesn’t mean that this decision is for forever.

Faith WrightComment