Leo Sept 10-16

You are holding strong on the need to be right instead of hearing everybody out in this situation. You may feel this week that communication may seem a bit hard to do. Your words may get taken the wrong way so be mindful of what you say and how you say it. There may even be news of someone deciding go in a different direction, even though you thought things were going to be different. A break up is coming because someone is missing someone else or someone is not getting what they need out of this relationship. On the other end you may be wanting to reach out to someone who you miss being in your life but don’t be surprised if this person doesn’t answer the phone. And because of this you will feel rejected. You may even feel sad because someone who you have unconditional love for may be coming across as if they don’t care; it’s not true. If you are married then this week you could feel a sense of unhappiness. You are trying to figure what is wrong with you and why do you feel this way. And because you will be trying to get to the bottom of this, you may start to come off as distant or just cold to people. Honestly you or this person aren’t really happy in this situation even though someone is trying to put on an act like everything is okay. What is your heart saying? Someone’s soul is longing to be with an air or water sign person that they feel they have unfinished business with. Did you really heal before you decided to move on or did you move on because they moved on? You can’t fight the feelings and the more you fight it, the more you start to care. Throughout the week your emotions will be shut off and you may even come off to people as a bit dry or uninterested because you don’t know if this person on your mind will want to be with you again. But yes they will come back but honesty is the only way through this.

Faith WrightComment