Gemini Sept 10-16

Finally they are ready to tell the truth so that you can move forward. The truth that you have been waiting for will be coming to you within the next 6 days or by the end of the week. Some of you this truth could be an apology that someone let their ego get in the way. But there will still be confusion around how someone feels. Be mindful because someone may have like you but they still may have a hard time committing to the relationship or a new beginning. So truth is that this person may not be ready for what you are and someone will finally own up to that this week. If you have been dreaming of snakes then know that something is coming out and some of you may be sad to know that there is a friend who is betraying you behind your back. Especially if you have been confiding in this person in regards to personal things that you have been having going on, more people may know your business than you think. So it may be best to stay out the way as best you can this week. You also may end up meeting a water sign person via social media or while you are hanging out with friends, but take this situation with a grain of salt. They are more interested in being your friend than anything else. Plus be prepared for the drama coming from your friends, siblings or from work. If you are wishing out for someone who you have unfinished business with, just know that this person isn’t interested in anything else other than themselves. And when this is all said and done you will still be waiting on communication from someone that you let go of 3 months or 3 weeks ago. Just prepare yourself for the fact that this person is not interested because someone is still hanging on to hurt from the past. If you are in a relationship be mindful that a separation may be on the way in October because someone wants a family while the other person is more focused on doing what makes them comfortable.

Faith WrightComment