Capricorn Sept 3- Sept 9

Don’t let old patterns of the past or the old patterns of your parents relationships hold you back. This week it may be time for you to make peace with an elder in your life. Some of you may even be seeking out advice of an older fire sign person or just someone older in your life. You are not your past and you can move past anything that holds you back. Take the time this week to retreat into your shell and really figure out what keeps drawing you back into this situation with certain people or things. It’s not always about what you have done wrong in a situation, sometimes its not you and it’s them. This week you should be focusing on hanging out with your friends or even your family. Put the love issues away for a second and just focus on what’s best for you. You may even be getting invited to a party or some type of gathering where you could meet someone special who is another water sign. You feel that you gave your all in a situation that someone may have made more excuses than they made commitments. You don’t want to let this person or situation go but it has become more of a burden. You will be thinking about this person or this situation but a big part of you feels that some shit you just can’t come back from. You likely will be putting an end to this situation this week and will decide to focus on you. And even though you want to come back and feel that maybe one day things will change, in this situation its time to close the door for good. It will hurt for a while but in the end you will feel so much better. Who knows what can happen in the future but for now hang this up to dry and walk away. Money will be fine but don’t forget to self care this week to keep from getting migraines. Some of you may experience these migraines because you’ve been crying a lot, but everything is going to be okay in the end. Look around you and see all the good things that you have accomplished on your own. You are ready for your new beginning.

Faith WrightComment