Capricorn Sept 10- 16

Don’t hold on so tightly to your ego where you lose out on what’s really important. You may have been having a hard time sleeping for the last six days or up to six weeks. There’s a lot of anxiety around a situation or a person that you are still holding on to. Some days you may feel foolish for even still wanting to be with this person but then there are other times were you feel that if you just hang on a little bit longer then you will get victory in the end. There may be a fire sign or air sign person in your energy this week who you may be rejecting because this person’s pride is keeping them from saying how they really feel. Or you may be keeping some things to yourself because your ego says so. If you are worried about bills this week or how things are going to get paid, just know that they universe will give you exactly what you need when you need it. So try not to be so uptight about things that may be out of your control. New communication will be coming into you this week by way of someone who has been at a distance from you for the last 8 days or 5 weeks. And they are coming to answer the question that has been burning in your mind for the last nine months. That they do love you. Some of you may be surprised that this person will actually tell you that they still love you. There is deep love here with a fire or air sign person if you will just allow yourself to be open to them. All is not lost and it won’t be that difficult to leave things behind in the past if that’s what you truly want. Someone wants to be committed, however you aren’t buying it. Don’t let your ego ruin a good thing no matter if this person is new or old. Regardless, this person is going to try to get your attention throughout this entire week to let you know that they want to be serious. Don’t ask for something and then when you get it, you want to push it away.

Faith WrightComment