Cancer Sept 10-16

A week where you are wondering who can you truth. An ending has happened. This ending may have been a relationship or even a friendship that had to go because it was no longer meeting your needs. There also is someone who is watching you from a distance to see when is the right time for them to make their move. This may be a friend who likes you or it could be a friend of a friend that may be curious in getting to know you more. Most importantly you are working on finding balance within your emotions and you also are learning how to trust again, even if someone hurt you in the past. Don’t shut yourself off from going out and having a good time. You have to be more open to the joys of life. You may hear about news of an engagement or some of you may know someone in the military who could be returning home. If you are invited places this week then you should go. Don’t make up excuses on why you can’t make up because you need to learn how to just live life in the present instead of focusing on what you lost or what you don’t have. There are people around you who love you and who want the best for you, but you have to open your eyes up to see that. You may even be still recovering from a breakup and some days you may even feel that something or someone is missing. The missing piece resides within yourself. It’s been tough, but you are ready to head in a new direction. You may even be letting someone know that you are no longer interested because they have a tendency to make you feel that you are unloved or unwanted too much. The only way forward cancer is to heal things within yourself so that you don’t have to keep creating new beginnings. Learn to let your guard down and learn to be more open or this cycle will continue for another two years. Forgive the past and forgive yourself. And appreciate what’s already in front of you. Earth sign person will be coming in within the next 6 days or 6 weeks.

Faith WrightComment