Aries Sept 10-16

Being in the right place at the right time. Something unexpected will be coming through for you this week but you are unsure if this is really what you want. It may be new love or it could be recognition in your career or via the internet. This will be a week where you could get easily overwhelmed by the attention that you are getting. Now you aren’t so sure if this is the path that you really want to walk. You also are completing cycles that have been going on for the last 8-10 months. You are done with the cat and mouse game with a fixed sign person. There will be someone giving you attention this week but you may feel they are only doing this because of the way that you look. So your guard will be up and your defense system will be strong whenever it comes to any new person trying to come into your life this week. You like the attention but you may feel that it’s better for you to seclude yourself from the world. Don’t let your want to be lonely get you down. It’s fine to take time to yourself but don’t get stuck there on the couch expecting things to change. You may even still be up in the air when it comes to a situation from your past. Your biggest issue is that you don’t know how to go with the flow and also if you have set boundaries with someone you need to stand by that. No matter how much they may try to get your attention, now is not the time for you to fold under pressure. Keep those boundaries in tact. There’s no time for you to think negatively about yourself either because you may have a tendency to indulge in things just so you don’t have to deal with your emotions. Sleeping with someone else is not going to help you get over that person any faster. Own the fact that you may sometimes try to control things out of fear that you will lose them. But also accept the truth for what it is. Your soulmate is on the other side of your healing.

Faith WrightComment