Aquarius Sept 3- Sept 9

A time of happiness and success will be coming your way this week. Some of you could be finally breaking free from toxic situations or toxic relationships. You are looking at all the good things the universe has to offer and you are okay with this. This new beginning has been long overdue and why not keep aiming high because you will get there. Put those expectations out there and manifest the relationship you desire. Not the relationship that just is comfortable. You deserve to have everything you’ve ever asked for and now you realize you shouldn’t have to settle for less. A new love could be coming into you this week and its from a younger earth sign person. Some of you this may be someone who you have been taking a break from for the last four months or this is someone who you have been withholding your emotions from to keep things from moving too fast. Be careful of trying to speak for people and how they feel because you may have a tendency to do that this week. There may even be a water sign person who will be trying to get back into your good graces this week because they know they screwed up. Even though you admire the effort they are trying to put in now, you may feel that it’s just time to break up. They are too immature and too focused on themselves and you realize you don’t have to settle for that anymore. You can do bad all by yourself. Some of you may even hear from a friend or just someone you know and they may need your help when it comes to money matters. As much as you want to help them, you feel this time it’s best for them to figure this one out of their own because when you were there for them, they discarded you like you didn’t matter. You don’t have to keep holding on and its safe for you to let go. You will have options in love and you should enjoy this. Not to say that you have to start dating again but there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun.

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