Aquarius Sept 10-16

The world is waiting for you to show up and show everyone who you truly are. You are starting something new this week. You may even be meeting an earth sign person via the internet, through school, or through some type of organization. A karmic cycle is coming to a close for you this week and for some of you there may be someone around you who isn’t sure if they can handle you not being in their life anymore. There is someone who you have been loyal too and you may have felt that this person didn’t appreciate what you were bringing to the table, so you decided to end it. Now someone is thinking heavily about the choices they made that led to the ending of this situation. You may not even know at this point if it’s worth keeping this person in your life. Even though the loyalty was there, it got to a point where someone got to comfortable so a choice had to be made to make the situation uncomfortable. By the end of the week someone will be coming to you to let you know how they feel towards you. They are falling deeply in love with you even though they may have been trying to avoid you for the last 2 weeks, 4 weeks or up to 4 months, But now things are getting complicated because you have a choice to make. Do you consider the person from the past again or do you take a chance on new love? Is the harmony worth sacrificing to go and deal with someone else or can this situation be fixed? You will be closing yourself off or shutting yourself down this week from being open to this person emotionally but you can’t fight the feelings from this person. You may hear news about someone in your family or a friend will be getting married or is the proposal for you? It won’t come threw this week but within the next 3 weeks or 4 months you will see what i’m saying. This situation will work this time around if you keep 3rd parties out your business. Give it a chance.

Faith WrightComment