Divine Intervention

Hi guys, it's me duh! Over the past year I have been thinking about writing. Not because everyone else is doing it or I'm trying to sell you some fake ass advice that I know you won't use. But I'm simply writing because I always feel there's more messages to share. Besides doing my readings on youtube and my private ones, I've always noticed the trends when it comes to the type of clients I have; reality is overlooked. But what is reality when it comes to the divine? It's simply that intuition that everyone says you should listen to but you don't out of fear of not getting what you want. Even on my own spiritual journey I've noticed that your true spiritual path has more so to do with what you need rather than what you want. Those times you lay in bed at night unable to close our eyes and get peace (I'm actually doing that right now, however I have peace, just starving to death over here lol). I've been there just as much as anyone else, where I can't accept/face reality because my ego wants to prove everyone else wrong. I wanted that relationship to work, because everyone else said it couldn't. Or I wanted to love that person because deep down I knew their soul needed it. But there are times when bowing out or letting go is the best thing you can do. I had to learn that the hard way. Before becoming a reader, I went to countless psychics; more than I'm willing to admit. And most of all of them had the same advice. "Stay. They'll change. You'll see that they will become better." But reality is that I knew deep down this person couldn't give me what I needed. And not so much on physical or financial level, but on a soul level. A lot of times when it comes to love we ignore our soul and place our ego out in front. Our ego is our comfort zone and it hates to be wrong or proven wrong. It's that masculine energy I talk about all the time in my readings. So, long story short, this is just a blog about healing. And its nothing more than a space to help you see reality for what it truly is.

Love & Light 


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