Get A Free Natal Chart Reading

Hi guys, now that mercury retrograde is finally over and some of the dust has settled (the shadow phase may last another week or two. So Jesus hold my mule lol), some of you may be wanting to get more info about what’s in your natal chart. I started studying natal charts a year ago and its a very complex thing to get into. There are so many aspects and other things to consider that sometimes I start to wonder, what the hell am I looking at. But some of you guys I’ve noticed get a bit confused when it comes to your monthly horoscopes. If you aren’t very familiar with moon, or rising signs then your natal chart can let you know what yours is. It also goes over aspects that you may need to change before your Saturn return.

Your Saturn return happens every 29.5 years and by this time you are literally like, “Damn it all to Hell.” But normally if you can get a handle on what Saturn wants to teach you before your return happens, then it won’t be as bad. Saturn comes with the tough lessons and a lot of times it makes you want to hide. Unfortunately, since Capricorns are ruled by Saturn, then they likely handle this better than the rest of us lol.

But I will post the link below where you can get a free natal chart reading. Its not a fully extensive one, but it is done by Kelli Fox (you can find her on Instagram under Kelli Fox the astrologer) and she does offer an extensive one for a discounted price for you guys which is cool. I trust her insight as I’ve worked with her before on my magazine and she was such a joy. So hopefully you can get some much needed information about what the hell is going on in your life

Faith Wright