Justice Will Be Served, Always

Let's take a moment to talk about the Justice Card. The justice card is associated with Libra and rules over the justice system, separation and even divorce. The purpose of the justice card is to balance out
the scales. To make a toxic relationship whole again by making you part ways. When the justice steps into your life, there is no point in over reacting because the universe has a plan greater than you can
see. It is represented by the number 11 in the major arcana but in the original tarot decks, the justice card was actually represented by the number 8. Libra is ruled by the planet venus and everyone needs a little love in their lives. In my readings, some of you may see that I always label the justice card as a karmic relationship or having a tie
to a karmic relationship. Because that is exactly what justice is, Karma. Lessons that need to be learned show up in the justice card and
sometimes it can be the karmic relationship that will open your eyes or completely leave you defeated. Have you ever had a breakup and you
start to wonder why it ended the way it did? And afterwards, are you still looking for closure? Nine times out of 10 the justice card will show up in your energy because your inner self is still wondering what could have been or what should have been when it came to this relationship. But the justice always ask you to completely detach your emotions and accept accountability. Justice by itself though is not enough to signify that this is the end. Anytime that the world, the tower, Judgement, The Hanged Man, or the Fool is paired with the Justice then its time to see this situation for what it is and move forward. What happens when you detach your emotions and look at the situation with your logic? Do you still feel the same way about that person or are you still making excuses for why you can't see what's right in front of you. There are times where you are not ready to receive the justice in its purest form. Justice can sometimes feel like its the right place but the wrong time. It rules the spiritual laws of truth, so what has been hidden will always be revealed when the justice card comes up. Things always work out for our highest good and what goes around comes around. So no need to feel bitter or played when someone has done you wrong, justice will take care of it all within divine timing. Anytime the justice card shows up in regard to how someone feels about you, just know that they would rather be
friends first before they can commit their heart to you. Always know that when the justice shows up what's meant to be will always be. So why hang on to the what ifs about rather you made the right decision to stay or go? It's best to just surrender to the universe because some things are out of your control. Now am I saying to stay in a situation that has no foundation? Absolutely not. When it's time to walk, you moon walk your ass on out of there and don't look back. But if you get to a point in your relationship where you are asking how can you make this person see this, or how can you fix your
relationship, then stop. This is the moment where you surrender to the universe and let Justice do its job.

Faith Wright1 Comment